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Various advantages combined

Di-soric's framed light curtains can be installed quickly and are immediately ready for use, thanks to the perfect alignment and calibration of the transmitter and receiver. They also detect very fast moving objects regardless of position throughout the entire detection range and are ideal for counting operations and range detection.

No apps are left out

Thanks to the variety of sizes and formats, high resolution and ultra-fast reaction time, our frame light curtains enable optimum, process-reliable solutions – always adapted to the application and the available installation space.

Universal use possible

The OGWSD series convinces with its high flexibility in many application areas with static and dynamic object detection, sensor modes and IO-Link.

Sustainable Durable

light curtains with di-soric frames are also characterized by an extremely robust metal housing and connectors and a high protection class IP67.



Install location: Usually installed outside of machines

Environment: Harsh machine environment with strong mechanical stresses

Settings: Directly at the sensor via potentiometer and IO-Link

Switching outputs: 1 switching output

Variants: 7 sizes, sensing range min. 25 x 22 mm to max. 300 x 398 mm

Typical industries:

Assembly and handling technology, packaging technology, machine tools, rubber and plastics



Frame light curtains with IO-Link

Frame light curtains are traditionally used to detect falling objects, often in counting applications. New, additional fields of application are made possible by the OGWSD's 4 sensor modes.

4 sensor modes via IO-Link for maximum flexibility

Static: Position-independent presence control of objects for detection of falling objects

Dynamic: Very small, ideal for detecting falling objects, very reliable in process, high functional reserve in dirty optics, detection of objects guided in a tube

Shading: Evaluation of light intensity at the receiver for feature control, position control and presence control

Peak value: Evaluation of maximum shading of falling objects for verification and differentiation of falling objects

Supportive, intelligent IO-Link functions for frame light curtains

Diagnostic function Stability: Indicates that object detection is impaired, for example due to contamination. After clearing and sufficient functional reliability, the status bit is reset.

Calibration: With this function, the sensor in the mechanical installation situation is calibrated to the measured value 0. With the calibration, the influence of reflections can be minimized – small objects can thereby be better detected under critical installation situations.

Auto-Teach: This function can be used to learn about falling objects.

Process value region: Zone where a falling object is detected - up to 4 zones depending on its size.



The robust, fast series with an activation time of 0.05 ms for conveyor technology – can be immediately installed and operational

Robust OGSWD in frame design are distance sensors that recognize objects regardless of the object position in the detection range. They are extremely suitable for the detection of very small parts. The multifunctionality of the OGWSD series is expanded with additional sensor modes for detecting immersed objects and for distinguishing and verifying larger objects.

Frame format with removable crossbars

for more flexibility in the applications

No blind zone

The mechanical recess matches the detection range

Impact protection

Highly resistant, flexible protection of optics against damage

Position-independent object detection

Easy operation and commissioning

Couple working concept

Via 4 potentiometers and IO-Link

Operating elements

  • Sensitivity
  • Static dynamic
  • NO / NC
  • Switch-off delay
  • Activation time 0.05 ms - size independent

    Ideal for recognizing very fast falling objects in highly dynamic processes

    Recognition of objects from Ø 0.7 mm (depending on size)

    With the "dynamic" sensor mode, the process can be reliably detected over the entire detection range of the OGWSD, even in the case of small, falling objects, contamination


    Connector M8, 3-pin, market standard and compatible with previous products

    No blind zone

    IO-Link - Ready for digitization

    Push-pull output

    pnp or npn functionality in one device

    4 sensor modes: new fields of application for frame light curtains

    In addition to the recognition of falling objects, OGWSD is suitable for feature, presence and location checks within the detection range.



    The right size for every application

    7 sizes with a minimum detection range of 25 x 22 mm up to a maximum of 300 x 398 mm of OGWSD can provide the appropriate frame for any application.

    Compact design with small dimensions

  • Robust metal housing in shock-proof frame design for optics, resistant to operation with extremely high mechanical stresses
  • Optimum ratio between enclosure width and detection range
  • Narrow crossbar
  • Center oriented actuations and connectors for easier assembly
  • Same drilling distances and detection ranges as previous products
  • Depth only 15mm
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